2012: Continuing Humanity – A Prescription for the Fate of Humankind

June 9, 2009

Evidently another commonality between astronomers and astrologers these days is that of the unwritten job description stating the need to quell the fears of the public surrounding 2012 and its unfortunate affiliation with the End of the World (EOTW). Last night when I received Mike Brown’s (you know, the guy who co-discovered Sedna, Eris, Makemake, Haumea and Snow White) latest blog (http://www.mikebrownsplanets.com/) I realized how much time he spends, like me and every astrologer, dispelling the nonsense surrounding 2012.

A couple of things to get started here. Not to incite fears of the pole shift, usually confused with a change in the tilt of the Earth’s axis, but there’s a great page to read on one of the leading sites about pole shift. Check out: http://www.poleshift.org/Pseudosci.html in which the site discusses how to take a thin fact and warp around your greatest agenda of fearful speculation. Unfortunately, most of the 2012 doomsday posts and all of the Planet X-Niburu posts fall into the category of the above. Each and every blog, essay, editorial, book and such touting such fear-based Cheney-Il-esque proclamations injure astrology, metaphysics and astronomy.

Now, Mike Brown’s blog discusses an e-mail he received from the Institute for Human Continuity (http://www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org/?hs308=email). Check it out. It’s kind of fun, but it’s equally sad. It looks bona fide. It’s better than most of the EOTW websites out there. As Mike Brown points out, a careful read, which is atypical of the typical Internet browser seeking out cataclysms, would note the links that refer to Sony Pictures and sniff out the ad. Actually, I was tipped off by the picture of Oliver Pratt on the home page. So Sony Pictures is scheduled to release the movie 2012 on November 13, 2009 – according to the latest update on IMDBpro. Bastards! While they hope to scare the crap out of humankind and make heaps of dollars doing so, they have substantially added to my non revenue workload. I’m conjuring a response to submit on their website. It’ll be a good one, I promise.

Incidentally, anyone I find forwarding the IHC website as if it’s fact, be warned. If that you do, I’m going to show up with a turkey baster and force feed the doom promulgator a gallon of wheat grass juice to clear out their psychic toxicity.

Now the IHC website seeks to assert an agenda of preserving human continuity after 2012. Okay fine, but I bet mine is better. Inspired by Mike Brown and his planets, here’s an agenda we can all live with that is based upon the recent innovations of consciousness we can derive from the dwarf planets, which most astrologers actively seek to ignore.

Sedna’s Suggestion: Get back to basics. Take care of basic domestic issues and security, establish a healthy diet and adequate rest routine, then delve into your spirituality with unlimited abandon.

Eris’ Exclamation: Enough already. Get over your addiction to status and success. What you drive and how many Platinum cards you carry will not get you into the underworld for the purpose of soulful evolution. Why obsess over meaningless affiliations, clubs and social networking sites when you can’t unify energy in such environments? Hits on your social pages do not consiousness make. Overcome fears of exclusion and align with what matches your spirit. Once done with that, how about overturning collective consciousness that works against the survival of Earth?

Makemake’s Magic: Stop over populating the dang planet. It doesn’t matter if we’re green if the planet cannot support the people on it. Figure out your creative contributions and offer them with confidence and certainty.

Haumea’s Helpful Hint: Figure out who can be part of your inner circle and who cannot. Cling-on kinds that debilitate your energy must be cast away. Bond with those of similar spirit and agendas and get on with healing souls and regenerating the planet.

Snow White’s Magic Apple: Though we don’t know much about her orbit yet, it appears her node serves up an agenda of empathy and compassion, something that constitutes sin in some political agenda. Try on those attributes for size.

What are you waiting for? Can’t you see the 2012 countdown clock in Times Square (there’s not one that I know of, but since the National Debt clock is busted, maybe Sony will hire it as a promotional tool)? Time’s a’wasting and people are a’freaking. We can do something about that.

I hope someone from Sony sends me free passes to the movie, given what I’ve done to further their ad.