No 2012 Wrap Party This Week

November 16, 2009

Last week the Hollywood special effects poster child film, 2012, went into wide distribution. As expected, the sensationalism of the effects drew throngs of viewers. The film captured $65 million or $160 million (depending upon how you assess box office scores) from the pockets of the public, dramatically gaining on reclaiming its estimated cost of $260 million. I’m not going to see the film, but I have poured over the reviews. Even without the reviews I could find and clearly see the unfortunate effects. Yep, the fanning of fires about the end of the world on astrological forums stoked new fervor in Mayan/disaster postings. No doubt the topic is receiving its due from water cooler conversations in work places by those witnessing the celluloid spectacle. Evidently P. T. Barnum and H. G. Wells have reincarnated and are alive and well either in Hollywood or at the helm of the largest fear-based blog sites.

This is all a complete waste of words, energy and life.

Okay, so let’s pour some much needed water on the rekindled end of the world (eotw) flames. How do I know there will be no end of the world? Well, the world might end someday either by human abuses of the planet’s resources or collision from an asteroid (and NOT Planet X, Niburu… there’s no such thing), and if that were to coincide with the completion of the Mayan Calendar I would be greatly chagrined. I am working with the assumption that any asteroid collision that may occur in the future shall not correlate with the Mayan Calendar’s turn over. Furthermore, scientists feverishly work to find ways of preventing such a collision, of which we would likely have enough of a heads up to get Bruce and Billy Bob back in space.

Here’s where I’m putting my faith. When Y2K rolled around I wrote a column for the Science Fiction Channel’s website where I could rant on about the fact that Y2K was the equivalent of a hoax. How did I know? Having two computers with identical software and files, one day I boldly reset the clock in one of those computers to January 2, 2000. No crash.

Last week I was cranking out data for the newly refined orbit of yet another dwarf planet, 225088 (colloquially called Snow White). As I was formatting the data into tidy columns, I noticed that the data did not fade from the pages once I passed December whatever it is in 2012. So again, I reset my computer’s clock past the fateful date. It still worked.

Ridiculous? Not nearly as ridiculous as the fear-mongering surrounding 2012. You know, evidently P. T. Barnum never said, “there’s a sucker born every minute,” but he surely applied the statement. When I was a child, neighborhood kids used to report during “scary time” that giants lived in the Earth and at will, could pop up through the ground and eat us all – a plot point somewhat applied to the 2005 remake of War of the Worlds. They also said that if you chewed off your fingernails when worrying about such things, the sharp nail points would go to your heart and stab you dead.

When visiting relatives in Cooperstown, New York as a child, I went to the fabulous Farmer’s Museum. There they had a stone fabricated to look like a petrified giant, which one day was miraculously unearthed in upstate New York. It was a ruse directed by the brilliant P. T. Barnum. The terror there must have been. Even in nineteen sixty something while staring at this impressive hoax, it shot shivers up my spine. What if the hoax was: this hoax was real?

The bottom line is: people commonly await the uncertainty of the future with great angst. So maybe if absurd predictions are attached to a given date, and we make it through that given date there is hope for humanity?

So, I’ll restate my contention. When the Mayan Calendar expires, the cycle simply starts again. Throw another shrimp on the barbie, bellow out another stanza of Auld Lang Syne and have a beverage indigenous to the plants where the Maya once flourished. If I’m wrong, meet me in the afterlife and I’ll spring for a beverage of your choice. I’ll be cash laden up there, because I’m planning on taking it all with me.

For now, take a breath. Forget about 2012. There are still two years of life that require your attention and the application of the celestial movements between now and then. Wouldn’t it suck to lose two years of your life to fretful, meaningless worry?

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Please Orcus, Hurry Along Into Virgo

June 28, 2009

Soon, but not soon enough by my account, Orcus steps back into Virgo, pretty much to stay. The Etruscan mythic equivalent of Pluto pulls one more brief stint of duty in Leo come May of 2010, but we’re fixing to start the era of Orcus in Virgo. Orcus, according to his “discovering” astronomer Mike Brown, is the anti-Pluto. The orbits of these two Kuiper Belt entities bear remarkable similarities with their orbit’s focal points about 120 degrees apart. Orcus was a stickler for oaths and adherence to those oaths and made sure violators of vows got the full picture of what his domain meant.

Depending upon where in the world you are, Orcus mercifully enters Virgo on August 1st or 2nd. As he does so, he will sharpen his opposition to the dwarf planet still in the infancy of our understanding, Snow White – a colloquial pre-naming nomenclature, of course – and will join the efforts of Ceres, in the short term, Saturn in the moderate term and Logos (a Kuiper Belt Object) and Makemake in longer terms.

Consider the claims of the Pluto in Virgo pack that the mess created on Earth needs to be straightened out and they’ve come to do it, dammit. Great! Offer solutions and engage those solutions, resisting any urge to condemn, criticize, chastize or pontificate. Get back to basic facts, insists Virgo and embellish nothing outside the realm of reality. Critically as well, use the energies to minimize the human wounds of guilt, shame and blame. Cool.

Ceres works well within the Virgo plan, totally convinced that you can fight city hall if your position is intact. True that; no need to cut off the nose to spite the face though.

Saturn demands a plan, order, critical-thinking (more like logic building and scientific method, not implying reverting to the tactics of a condemning PITA), structure, clarity, dedication and commitment to cause.

Makemake insists upon applying personal creativity in the effort to spread awareness between the presence of humans on the planet and the availability of the resources of the planet.

Logos seeks logic, clarity of concept and perfection of words used to articulate those concepts.

Orcus stands guard, ensuring that those who speak one thing actually enact it accurately without deviation.

For instance, one cannot claim to be love and light if spreading fear about Planet X (it simply does not exist and is based upon flawed astronomical declarations) and 2012. After all if this is 2009, it is 1430 in Arabic cultures, 5769 in Hebrew tradition, 4706 to the Chinese. So why is no one bashing 1433, 5772 or 4709? Or whatever those years will be – I just didn’t feel like looking that up so I’ll just extrapolate my facts, which seems to be common practice on this Internet tool.

An astrologer cannot claim to be a citizen of the world if they refer to June 21st (plus or minus a day) as the summer solstice or winter solstice, exclusive of the other solstice. That is segregationalistic (evidently I used Logos to make up a word I perceive as more concise) and divisive.

If you claim the next Solar Max due in 2011, but now attached to 2012, will cause a polar shift on Earth, you’re guessing. No one knows for sure. Further, let’s not confuse polar shift with the inclination of the Earth on its axis. And if you really want to get behind the Solar Max, Google John Nelson and educate yourself on some amazing astrology and attach to awesome scientific data that speaks in favor of the discipline we all love.

Get ready now. As of August 1st, the universal Dragnet (television reference) is out: Just the Facts.

2012: Continuing Humanity – A Prescription for the Fate of Humankind

June 9, 2009

Evidently another commonality between astronomers and astrologers these days is that of the unwritten job description stating the need to quell the fears of the public surrounding 2012 and its unfortunate affiliation with the End of the World (EOTW). Last night when I received Mike Brown’s (you know, the guy who co-discovered Sedna, Eris, Makemake, Haumea and Snow White) latest blog ( I realized how much time he spends, like me and every astrologer, dispelling the nonsense surrounding 2012.

A couple of things to get started here. Not to incite fears of the pole shift, usually confused with a change in the tilt of the Earth’s axis, but there’s a great page to read on one of the leading sites about pole shift. Check out: in which the site discusses how to take a thin fact and warp around your greatest agenda of fearful speculation. Unfortunately, most of the 2012 doomsday posts and all of the Planet X-Niburu posts fall into the category of the above. Each and every blog, essay, editorial, book and such touting such fear-based Cheney-Il-esque proclamations injure astrology, metaphysics and astronomy.

Now, Mike Brown’s blog discusses an e-mail he received from the Institute for Human Continuity ( Check it out. It’s kind of fun, but it’s equally sad. It looks bona fide. It’s better than most of the EOTW websites out there. As Mike Brown points out, a careful read, which is atypical of the typical Internet browser seeking out cataclysms, would note the links that refer to Sony Pictures and sniff out the ad. Actually, I was tipped off by the picture of Oliver Pratt on the home page. So Sony Pictures is scheduled to release the movie 2012 on November 13, 2009 – according to the latest update on IMDBpro. Bastards! While they hope to scare the crap out of humankind and make heaps of dollars doing so, they have substantially added to my non revenue workload. I’m conjuring a response to submit on their website. It’ll be a good one, I promise.

Incidentally, anyone I find forwarding the IHC website as if it’s fact, be warned. If that you do, I’m going to show up with a turkey baster and force feed the doom promulgator a gallon of wheat grass juice to clear out their psychic toxicity.

Now the IHC website seeks to assert an agenda of preserving human continuity after 2012. Okay fine, but I bet mine is better. Inspired by Mike Brown and his planets, here’s an agenda we can all live with that is based upon the recent innovations of consciousness we can derive from the dwarf planets, which most astrologers actively seek to ignore.

Sedna’s Suggestion: Get back to basics. Take care of basic domestic issues and security, establish a healthy diet and adequate rest routine, then delve into your spirituality with unlimited abandon.

Eris’ Exclamation: Enough already. Get over your addiction to status and success. What you drive and how many Platinum cards you carry will not get you into the underworld for the purpose of soulful evolution. Why obsess over meaningless affiliations, clubs and social networking sites when you can’t unify energy in such environments? Hits on your social pages do not consiousness make. Overcome fears of exclusion and align with what matches your spirit. Once done with that, how about overturning collective consciousness that works against the survival of Earth?

Makemake’s Magic: Stop over populating the dang planet. It doesn’t matter if we’re green if the planet cannot support the people on it. Figure out your creative contributions and offer them with confidence and certainty.

Haumea’s Helpful Hint: Figure out who can be part of your inner circle and who cannot. Cling-on kinds that debilitate your energy must be cast away. Bond with those of similar spirit and agendas and get on with healing souls and regenerating the planet.

Snow White’s Magic Apple: Though we don’t know much about her orbit yet, it appears her node serves up an agenda of empathy and compassion, something that constitutes sin in some political agenda. Try on those attributes for size.

What are you waiting for? Can’t you see the 2012 countdown clock in Times Square (there’s not one that I know of, but since the National Debt clock is busted, maybe Sony will hire it as a promotional tool)? Time’s a’wasting and people are a’freaking. We can do something about that.

I hope someone from Sony sends me free passes to the movie, given what I’ve done to further their ad.

2012: Venerate Venus

January 23, 2009

UPDATE JANUARY 24: After writing “Venerate Venus” I took today to visit the Kitt Peak Observatory complex about 60 miles southwest of Tucson. And wouldn’t you know it? With Venus on my mind, a docent had a scope set up to view Venus, now in a beautiful cresent phase. Better yet, with her great angular distance from the Sun I was able to see her in all her glory with the naked eye at 2:52 in the afternoon. You can do it, too. Venus is presently available for viewing in the light of midday and worth more than a quick gander.

While many contend the major clocking of 2012 is the “end” of the Venus savvy Mayan Calendar in December, a potent alignment involving Venus could be given equal due. On June 6, 2012, as it did on June 8, 2004, Venus makes a direct alignment between the Earth and Sun. This rare event occurs in patterns of 121.5 years, 8 years, 101.5 years and finishes off with an 8-year interval. This current eight year patterning follows the 121.5 year absence of the alignments. If Venus were larger, this would be called and occultation or perhaps an eclipse. Because of her relative size, technically this direct alignment is known as a transit, or the crossing of the solar disk.

The previous “transits” of 1874 and 1882 initiated some clear social effects that pertain to Venus. The women’s suffrage movements began in New Zealand and in the United States, suffrage matters and the Temperance Movement occupied our social concerns. Though sparked under these Venus alignments, it took decades to close the deal of suffrage in the United States.

Optimistically I expected clear results from the Venus transit of 2004. I thought it would have been a good year for the rise of women in global politics, work force reform, economic resolution and anything else you can think of that refers to factors ruled by Venus. Actually, I was disappointed in obvious results. Now, more than half way between the short count of the Venus transit pattern, perhaps it is time for review. With the global economic chaos at hand, perhaps events occurring in 2004 triggered the current meltdown. As I review that time frame, I am biased by events in the United States and conducted by our government and am unclear of the global manifestations of this pattern.

An interesting quality of the Venus transit is that it can be clearly seen with proper visual aids and/or instrumentation during one of the times in Venus’ track around the Sun when she is obscured by solar brightness. If one foolhardy enough stares at the Sun to see Venus, eye damage likely results as some historians previously speculated had happened to Galileo (thus the current interest in exhuming his body to examine his eyes). So, in this time of Venus’ invisibility, she has a short burst of visibility, but not to the evidence of the naked eye. Liberally borrowing from classical concepts of the conscious attachment to those things visible and not so much to things that cannot be seen, perhaps the hardline lack of evidence of the Venus effect during the last transit makes sense. I’m sure with an adequate Google of the June 2004 time line, many events can be found that support the signatures of Venus. But I’m thinking not enough clear evidence exists of a Venus reform agenda last time around. Truly, the “benefic” planet has a physically hostile nature: extreme temperature, crushing gravitational pressure, inhospitable atmosphere and a corrosive nature, but she symbolizes something promising, shiny and bright per the glow her gaseous greenhouse atmosphere causes.

This leads me back to the Mayan Calendar thing going on. Many act as if the prophecies of the Calendar signal the end – as in termination and extinction – of the world. Others seem to believe that on one day, consciousness at large is amok; the next day it’s all better. Perhaps a more solid approach would be one of using all major pattens between now and then to build a series of steps of “getting it,” meaning grasping the illuminated state optimistically forecast. Let’s add as a consideration, consciously getting it regarding the prophecies. Many Mayan interpretation sources indicate a promise of global flooding. Given Venus and her Greenhouse nature and her symbolic, coincidental timing in 2012, perhaps the matter of global warming and polar ice cap melting is the issue back here on Earth. If that’s the case, perhaps the suggestion to place explosive devices under volcanos so that their smoke surrounds the Earth and cools us off for a few years is a good one – er, or maybe not. Then again, maybe severe regulation of those effects that seek to turn us into a Venus greenhouse rival, need immediate legislative attention and application. Isn’t it about awareness, conscious attention, and intentional decisions to avert catastrophes?

Actually the timing of the next Venus transit concerns me a bit. It’s really too close to the “expiration” of the calendar in question for comfort. If we venerate Venus and put women in positions of global power, restore the matriarchy, and reform the economy only at that late date, does that leave enough time to undo problems? We must venerate Venus in all of her possible manifestations. And given the critical nature of prophetic timing, we probably need to cook up some new topics that are of Venus or quasi-Venus and cook them up fast. Similarly, we need to get on with it fast. What if we use this 60 percent point in between Venus transits to pound the pampas grass of persuasion and shake the trees of knowledge?

Last June we had a superior conjunction of Venus, which was also an occultation (Venus on the other side of the Sun and blocked from visibility) at about the time that Hillary Clinton fell out of the U. S. Presidential race. In January of 2010 and in August of 2011 we’ll also have superior conjunctions of Venus (non-occulting). The next Venus alignment remains a year distant. Can’t we venerate Venus sooner? How about now? Recently Venus stood at her greatest angular distance from the Sun, permitting longer visibility and more evening time for veneration. Perhaps we should borrow a page from the Vedic practitioners. Propitiation is grand. We as watchers of the sky claim the ability to guide humanity toward ideal outcomes, yes? I say venerate Venus and propitiate to all potent planetary alignments, especially involving the lesser known highly transformational in nature dwarf planets. Oh yeah, and then get involved in creating real and practical world transforming actions.

After 2012, the next Venus transits occur on December 11, 2117 and December 8, 2125. Think we’ll still be around? Vegas odds say we’ll still be here, and with or without veneration to Vega, but only if Venus receives her due.

20Y2K12 and Astrology’s Reputation

January 11, 2009

I just have to write a post today and forgive me if it’s a bit on the edgy side. Pluto stands 16 minutes short of the first of three conjunctions to my natal Mars and my astrological/astronomical sensibilities have been locked and loaded by the rash of 2012 prophecies saturating cyberspace.

In honor of Mercury’s impending retrograde, allow me to back up first. Last fall I had the pleasure of writing a blog regarding election polling and the upcoming U. S. Presidential Election for the Huffington Post. My posts appeared under a subcategory entitled Huffpollstrology. But when I started writing for HuffPo, the first post was placed in the column with the standard array of mainstream bloggers. Oh my! I discovered that despite the stats about the general public loving to read sun sign columns, approximately 80% of the comments received about my first post were hostile, hateful and ignorant of the topic they condemned, which in the realm of blogging has nothing to do with anything. The ridicule came in from the obvious religious quarters, those who despise superstition and well educated and/or intelligent folks who condemned the idiocy of those who put credence into astrology. The spiteful comments continued through the tenure of my columns leading up to the election, despite the impeccable accuracy of the content. “Jeez Louise,” thought I, “Us astrologer folks better not say anythin’ silly lest we fuel the fires of speculation about our sensibilities.”

Evidently 2009 is the time cusp for increasing posts on the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world and all the psychic terrorism that goes with it. Back in the days pre Y2K I wrote a column for the Sci-Fi Channel’s website in which I had carte blanche in pooh-poohing the absurdity of the Y2K speculations. Despite the efforts to calm the psychic seas of life, fear and hysteria spread but not to extent we observe with the rampant speculations about the significance of the end of the Mayan Calendar. The suicides have already started… and not counting those related to the Madoff scandal.

People turn to astrologers in times like these. Last week a colleague sent me a chart from 1962 with the heap of planets aligned in Aquarius. I lived it and remembered it well. I was a terrified twelve-year-old shaking as I heard that astrologers said the gravitational pull of the planets would split the Earth in half, or so the media reported, was a lot to bear. In the past days, I’ve posted on forums opposing the view that Comet Holmes is the Blue Star of the Blue Star Kachina prophecy in which an article attempts to tie this long-standing prophecy to a comet. Back tracking the logic, Comet Holmes is a yellowish object that enjoyed a strange sort of expansion during the culmination of its last apparition. It appeared blue because of filters applied for better viewing. And Comet Holmes has been coming to town every 6.9 years since we became aware of it in 1892 and there’s that comet is not a star thing and ancient watchers could discern such a distinction. My best guess for this prophecy is the once in eternity extremely rare explosion of a blue super-giant star that became the supernova, SN1987A. Yes, some Hopi elders have sanctioned Comet Holmes as the stellar sign of the Blue Star Prophecy and there is a seven year healing/purification cycle in the prophecy, but then again the U. S. Congress in the U.S. bought faulty intelligence and started a war.

Now Planet X-Nibiru people have this possible brown dwarf/comet storm/TNO that’s 33 light years away in the Kuiper Belt coming to get us in 2012 after if failed to meet up with predictions of cataclysm for 1999, 2001, 2003 ad nauseam. The flawed astronomy of these fear-mongering speculations do not deserve attention, but one staggeringly inane point I read claimed that something thirty-three light years away would get us within a decade. That would mean the object would defy all known laws of physics and fly through space faster than the speed of light.

Regardless, we astrologers must ward off Planet X predictions that eject from websites around the world. And we must ward off EOTW (end of the world) speculations rendered by Mayan Calendar interpreters and the attempted weave between Planet X and the Mayan Calendar. This inconvenient responsibility appears when we in astrology desperately seek to put letters that designate professional acumen and certification after our names of which the lay public possesses no interpretive or decoding ability.

Years ago I decoded the Mayan Calendar thing while drinking tequila in a Chinese restaurant. While pondering the twelve year Chinese zodiacal cycle, it occurred to me when the Mayan Calendar expires, like any calendar it rolls over and the next era begins. The day after the Mayan Calendar ends will be a day just as fine as the day before. If I’m wrong, tequila shots are on me in the after life. It could be that the Mayans ran out of stone, you know, thus the stopping point. Oh and this thing about the Galactic Alignment correlating with the Mayan Calendar… wasn’t that in 1999 or does that require revisiting with the recent size/motion adjustments that came out about our galaxy recently?

Seems to me, if we expect to be taken seriously and credibly, we must actively stave off the inaccurate prediction phenomena inspired by those who failed to get a turn spinning scary yarns around the fire at summer camp. We must understand astronomy and astrology, weaving the two back into a harmonious helix of cooperation. We must interrupt the nonsense speculations and reset people back to critical thinking and intelligent assessment of the cosmic variables we so readily perceive. We must avert the crisis of erroneous speculations regarding 20Y2K12. Join the cause now. Hurry! Time is running out. Only four more years to print bumper stickers and shift the consciousness of fearful negativity before the Mayan Calendar concludes.

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