Dwarf Planet 2007 OR10 is now Minor Planet 225088

According to information posted by the Minor Planet Center today, the dwarf planet candidate 2007 OR10 now has a refined orbit as of today thus becoming minor solar system body 225088! This is a body that discoverer Mike Brown refers to as Snow White (and the seven dwarf planets??).

Here’s where she is now.

October 26 – 0 Pisces 14 Retrograde
November 5 – 0 Pisces 12
November 15 – 0 Pisces 11
November 25 – 0 Pisces 11 Direct
December 5 – 0 Pisces 13
December 15 – 0 Pisces 15
December 25 – 0 Pisces 19
January 4 – 0 Pisces 24
January 14 – 0 Pisces 30

She (based only on the fact that Mike Brown refers to the body as Snow White) has a fairly extreme inclination – in between that of Pluto and Eris – 30.67 degrees. With an eccentricity of 0.4999 her orbit ranges a leisurely 552.67 years reasonably close to the orbital period of Eris. She is closest to the Sun at 4 Libra 17 (a heliocentric measurement) – very near the Super Galactic Center. The ascending heliocentric node is 6 Pisces 52.

Keywords based upon node and perihelion to follow. And soon I’ll be generating ephemerides (monthly from 1700- 2100, daily 1900 – 2100).

Mike Brown (discoverer) informed me by e-mail today that they’ve not even thought about a name. So it likely will be quite a while before we get a name.

Stay tuned. There is a lot more to come. Soon keywords and other observations will be posted on my website (visit the about me feature for a direct link to my site).

11/16/2009 Note: More accurate position data is available in ephermerides I have generated.  There is a daily ephemeris for 225088 from 1900 – 2100 and a monthly for 1700 – 2100. Please use the “about” link for direction to my website and more information.

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