Last night I enjoyed Mike Brown’s blog about Pluto books including one on Planet X: The Hunt for Planet X: New Worlds and the Fate of Pluto by Govert Schillng. “I’ll have to get that,” I thought as I watched the Space Shuttle Endeavor lead the International Space Station across the sky, slipping under Arcturus and the moon in Scorpio last night. The two bodies tracking overhead disappeared just about the time they reached the western most stars in the constellation Scorpio. Of course, then I thought of the recent anniversary of the lunar landing and how, true to Scorpio’s reputation for secrecy, there exist two camps of conspiracy about facts that have not been told. One camp contends we never landed on the Moon and it was a Hollywood production with flaws a script supervisor should have caught. The other contends we found things on the Moon that have never been reported. And along that line there is the mysterious missing tape of an astronaut reporting, “they’re watching us.” Then I thought about the innate stubbornness of the sign of Scorpio, skeptics and conspiracy theorists. Hell, you can show a “birther” a valid birth certificate and copy of a newspaper notice announcing a birth but you can’t make them believe it’s real.

A few blogs ago I mentioned the free galactic insight available from the Galactic Center. It’s true. Insight is there and usable by those savvy enough to set down their Me-Phone (a phrase touted by former baseball player and sometimes broadcaster, Matt Williams, which of course refers to the I-Phone) long enough to capture and apply the information. Then there’s the polarity. Despite the presence of insight and information guaranteed to urge humankind along toward enlightenment, there’s always resistance in the face of truth. There are those that despite facts and evidence to the contrary believe that solar flares during the next solar max will knock Earth off its axis. There are those who persist in believing in the catastrophic effects of Planet X. There are those contending that Y2K did annihilate the functionality of computers and we are all living in a frail adjacent parallel reality in which collective consciousness barely holds operating systems functional. There are those who believe that Pluto is a planet (today Pluto is a dwarf planet). There are those who believe Pluto is no planet whatsoever – a scrapheap of a planet, according to a docent at the Lowell Observatory where Pluto first came to our attention. There are those who believe that despite growing evidence to the contrary, Eris, Sedna, Makemake, Haumea and the Galactic Center for that matter, hold no influence in astrology.

For years I have contended that an undesirable effect of the Galactic Center is ignorance, or more precisely: ignore-ance. Unlike ignorance, which is the lack of knowledge, ignore-ance is the act of ignoring available insight, information and consciousness building concepts because they are inconvenient, require discipline, upset the status quo, or make a person feel wrong. According to pure Sagittarius precepts, ignoring valid information constitutes missing the mark (sin). Sagittarius, of course, is the zodiacal home of the Galactic Center, whether measured tropically or sidereally.

The sins against the Galactic Center by humankind spread with contagious and rabid abandon. Despite no evidence to support it, proponents of Planet X and its intended catastrophes continue to fan the fires of fear. The same goes for the Lazarus-like Photo-Belt resurrected from its grave every time someone chooses to pile on possible reasons for the end of the world. Worse, ignore-ance is used to reject perfectly valid concepts that have the ability to shift consciousness and alter the course of the planet to a more favorable and ever-evolving fate.

In my mind perhaps the worst ignorant trend is the blatant rejection of Eris by modern astrologers. She is larger than Pluto, if that matters to one’s planetary selection criteria. She continually amazes astrologers using her with her applications to manifestations in society at large and the horoscopes of individuals. In fact, she is the goddess of snub. She cannot stand being excluded and will wreak havoc on those who disavow her presence. Sounds like a goddess demanding that astrologers reckon with her.

In her day, Eris was not invited to the wedding of the millennium. She appeared anyway and showed those who failed to recognize her presence a thing or three. Given her feelings about wedding ceremonies, consider the horoscopes of people with a vivid disregard for marriage vows. Check out the charts of Governor John Sanford and Senator John Ensign (and there are many others) for instance. Those using Eris will find that she makes potent contacts to personal planets of these politicians who blatantly engage in chaos-inducing activities outside their vows of marriage, invoking the double standard doctrine.

The dwarf planet Haumea symbolizes travel with an entourage; one must have a clan with whom one can clamor. Eris desires inclusion. Given that these bodies were discovered at the time that social networking sites, online friends and foes, and all the “I matter,” “please include me” phenomena appeared in society, how easy would it be to understand the recent explosion of narcissism in the past few years?

Recently I compiled a pdf ephemeris for the outer planets: Jupiter through Sedna, including Chiron, Eris, Makemake, Haumea and Sedna with the gaseous giants from 1700 – 2050. Here an astrologer can observe previously unknown generational influences and fill in missing clues as to what caused humankind to move in the direction it did. I must say, I am shocked by the lack of response from astrologers. Could it possibly be true that today’s astrologers simply do not give a damn about what’s newly discovered in our solar system and beyond?

Nah, I’m sure it’s just the fact that I’ve not signed up (and won’t and will delete any invite) on social networking sites. Certainly, it’s not about ignore-ance at all. Every astrologer is tracking the new, weird and innovative courtesy of the potent Uranus to Galactic Center square. Right?

If you enjoy these cosmic blogs, remember to check back frequently. There will be more. And when done here, please visit my website and sign up for the Galactic Times where you’ll receive free e-zine posts of current trends, galactic events and all the latest in solar system discoveries. Please visit my “about” page for the website URL.


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