Jupiter Takes Another Hit

Fifteen years ago we witnessed an amazing show as Comet Shoemaker-Levy collided with Jupiter over a period of six days between July 16th and July 22nd 1994. Days ago, on July 19th, amateur astronomer, Anthony Wesley, working from his backyard observatory near Murrumbateman, Australia, noted a likely impact spot on Jupiter near the planet’s south pole. Good on you, Anthony, as they say down under. We can thank amateurs like Wesley for their ongoing discoveries that supplement the pros now contending with severe budget cuts, time limitations and limited observing time. Such rabid sky watchers ensure that if there was (and there is not) a governmental conspiracy to hide the discovery of Planet X (which would now be detectable if it were real) that the truth would be known regardless – truth being an alleged Jupiter attribute.

Astronomers suspect that Jupiter took another hit from a comet and now they scramble to find out what actually occurred, causing the mysterious dark blemish on Jupiter. It is reasonable to expect that there are heaps of collisions in the solar system that we never know anything about. Consider the possibility of in-family collisions within the asteroid belt or in the Kuiper Belt. Perhaps Kuiper bodies collide with Neptune on a regular basis, given the number of objects in the vicinity and Neptune’s relatively significant gravity. Given that Haumea took a hit eons ago and was sent spinning faster than any planet in the solar system, there’s reason to believe a lot more collisions have happened and shall continue to occur as time goes on. Haumea’s impact produced seven large chunks of ice knocked from her body that orbit in her path about the Sun.

A few years ago a great Vedic astrologer, Charlotte Benson, asked if I had noticed that Jupiter transits stopped being all they were cracked up to be after the Shoemaker-Levy collision. Honestly, I hadn’t made the connection, but I had noticed that if one wanted to get the most from Jupiter transits, more preparation and thought were required than ever before. Is this effect true? I don’t know and I don’t know of anyway that we can empirically test the idea with any degree of success. Can we expect a similar effect from this recent, likely collision? Anyone stating facts about this is likely guessing. But if you insist upon a guess, how about this? Could the multiple impacts on Jupiter in 1994 have to do with politicians having less regard for the truth than ever before? That’s something that should be hard to test. Haven’t politicians always lied? Yes, but now with the C-Street revelations (it’s worth a Google), politicians blatantly claim their actions and beliefs do not need to align given they are “chosen.” Holy hyperboles, Batman! Isn’t Jupiter supposed to rule truth, politicians and hypocrisy?

Speculation on the impact of the effect of the recent presumed impact on Jupiter would be like answering the guy who recently posted on a forum, “Hey you, astrologers, what do you think of the Himiko Blob?” Well, like the astronomers, we find the “cosmic blob thing” first reported back in April of this year simply fascinating. But do we, within moments of its discovery have solid interpretations? Ah, no. The query seemed to be a bit antagonistic to me (but then again I have Pluto on my Mars presently; what do I know?) so I never bothered a response to the request for speculation, though I have thought about it, asking the following rhetorical questions. Why should we have immediate answers to something scientists cannot yet figure out? And why would you expect us to figure it our first?

Anyway, here’s this Jupiter thing and the consideration of the astrological importance of that thing. Over the years, Jupiter’s influence seems to become more and more of a planetary tease. When he comes to town, he knocks on your door and asks if you’d like to come out and play with an unproved, highly speculative opportunity. He might ask twice in one pass, but he won’t wait outside for very long when he comes calling… maybe three days… five tops. You either jump or you don’t. And if fail to you wander out in wonder, he’ll find someone else silly enough to fancy speculative offers. Now this does not suggest that every contest e-mail received or career opportunity posted on Craigslist are valid. But it does suggest if you want to savor the effects of the traditionally labeled benefic, you’d better be ready. I do wonder if Jupiter’s recent hit symbolically represents an ego bruise suffered by Jupiter in reaction to of all the people in the world afraid to jump at valid opportunities because of the economy. You reckon?

How to be ready? Perfect your talents, knowledge and obtain all necessary information and learning. Write the script, play or novel and be ready to submit. It will not work if you say you’ve been thinking about writing something and asking established forces who can make words become a reality if they’d like to wait and see if you know how to use Saturn in a timely manner. Get your stuff ready. Carry it in your hip pocket, nearest a body part Jupiter is said to rule and confidently present your wares at every possible opportunity, that does not involve stalking, obnoxious overstatement of insecurity or a poorly written parade of hype.

Jupiter rules: On your mark, get set, go. Oh yeah, there’s no point in taking your mark unless you’re good to race. Jupiter rules, blemished or not.

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