Free (Galactic) Information

A while back when Pluto aligned with the Galactic Center, a fair amount of astrological press revealed the potency and promise of this transit. Now, in true Piscean fashion, the current transit Uranus square to the Galactic Center receives little to no press at all… until now!

Being conservative with orbs, Uranus commenced a tight square to the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius 59) in late April of this year. When Uranus retrograded on July 1st, he did so 22 minutes short of an exact square. Come December he’ll turn direct and close on the square to our galaxy’s core, becoming partile (exact) in March of 2010. Shortly thereafter, Jupiter joins in, aligning with Uranus to the Galactic Center in mid-May 2010. Given Jupiter is involved, at this point we can take the zany brilliance of Uranus and multiply it by at least a dozen, given the fortitude to do so.

Neither of the gaseous giants are done next summer, either. Jupiter forms two more squares to the Galactic Center; one retrograde in October of 2010 and the final one direct in January 2011. Uranus makes a retrograde square to this powerful black hole in September of 2010, retrograding, and makes a direct and final quadrature at the dawn of 2011… actually within the first two days of the year.

The squares to the Galactic Center from both Pisces and Virgo seem harder to apply for most people than the direct alignments of the  Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Given the progressive nature of the ideas available for download by tracking the Galactic Center, Virgo is likely to feel wrong and criticized when advancing ideas ahead of what people can understand. Similarly Pisces energy seems reluctant to put it out there for fear of persecution or tracking some weird past life recall of being put to death for witchcraft. Thus, with Uranus and Jupiter to the Galactic Center, reticence for sharing brilliant ideas is understandable and probably natural, but holding out the cosmic goodies works against the flow of cosmic progress.

Information received from the Galactic Center tends to lead the collective consciousness and its ability to wrap around the ideas by six to nine-month. Often a new, progressive idea is greeted by, “So, you’re telling me I’m doing it wrong, right?” “No. But there is an alternative that might produce results closer to what you claim you seek if you’re willing to try it.”

Given the transits to the GC from Pisces, the ideas received appear in less informational, non-intellectual formats. Perhaps metaphors, symbolism or images render the information and require processing time upon the part of the recipient to grasp the visions.

Fear of putting ideas out there that roots in paranoia, or a learned history of having brilliant ideas put down or those askance glances and finger points can prohibit full, confident expression of consciousness altering concepts.

Ask for information without attempting to steer it and let it reveal what it does. Write it down and leave it alone for at least ninety days before reviewing it. Then, upon, review tracking and application should make more sense.

But know that if you’re working to track Galactic Center ideas and your palms or bottoms of your feet itch, the top of your head warms and also itches, and your tummy gurgles a chorus, you’re probably on track. So don’t blame it on a spirit guide. Claim fearless authority of your ability to reach out and receive the best the core of the galaxy has to offer. In Hollywood it is said everyone is writing the same script at the same time. The first one who writes a gem, registers their creation and shops the script, likely gets the deal. Develop your information and put it out there. It’s free and available to everyone pretty much non-stop from last April into early 2011. As the Cosmos likes to say, “First Come, First Serve. Get your insights, here!”

Who knows, lurking in the GC might just be the truth about the whole 2012 thing. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!?

BTW in the not free info category, if you visit my website (the link’s on my bio) you can get all the outer and dwarf planets in one place from 1700-2050. Staring at this thing will get the creative juices stirring, that’s for sure.


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