Please Orcus, Hurry Along Into Virgo

Soon, but not soon enough by my account, Orcus steps back into Virgo, pretty much to stay. The Etruscan mythic equivalent of Pluto pulls one more brief stint of duty in Leo come May of 2010, but we’re fixing to start the era of Orcus in Virgo. Orcus, according to his “discovering” astronomer Mike Brown, is the anti-Pluto. The orbits of these two Kuiper Belt entities bear remarkable similarities with their orbit’s focal points about 120 degrees apart. Orcus was a stickler for oaths and adherence to those oaths and made sure violators of vows got the full picture of what his domain meant.

Depending upon where in the world you are, Orcus mercifully enters Virgo on August 1st or 2nd. As he does so, he will sharpen his opposition to the dwarf planet still in the infancy of our understanding, Snow White – a colloquial pre-naming nomenclature, of course – and will join the efforts of Ceres, in the short term, Saturn in the moderate term and Logos (a Kuiper Belt Object) and Makemake in longer terms.

Consider the claims of the Pluto in Virgo pack that the mess created on Earth needs to be straightened out and they’ve come to do it, dammit. Great! Offer solutions and engage those solutions, resisting any urge to condemn, criticize, chastize or pontificate. Get back to basic facts, insists Virgo and embellish nothing outside the realm of reality. Critically as well, use the energies to minimize the human wounds of guilt, shame and blame. Cool.

Ceres works well within the Virgo plan, totally convinced that you can fight city hall if your position is intact. True that; no need to cut off the nose to spite the face though.

Saturn demands a plan, order, critical-thinking (more like logic building and scientific method, not implying reverting to the tactics of a condemning PITA), structure, clarity, dedication and commitment to cause.

Makemake insists upon applying personal creativity in the effort to spread awareness between the presence of humans on the planet and the availability of the resources of the planet.

Logos seeks logic, clarity of concept and perfection of words used to articulate those concepts.

Orcus stands guard, ensuring that those who speak one thing actually enact it accurately without deviation.

For instance, one cannot claim to be love and light if spreading fear about Planet X (it simply does not exist and is based upon flawed astronomical declarations) and 2012. After all if this is 2009, it is 1430 in Arabic cultures, 5769 in Hebrew tradition, 4706 to the Chinese. So why is no one bashing 1433, 5772 or 4709? Or whatever those years will be – I just didn’t feel like looking that up so I’ll just extrapolate my facts, which seems to be common practice on this Internet tool.

An astrologer cannot claim to be a citizen of the world if they refer to June 21st (plus or minus a day) as the summer solstice or winter solstice, exclusive of the other solstice. That is segregationalistic (evidently I used Logos to make up a word I perceive as more concise) and divisive.

If you claim the next Solar Max due in 2011, but now attached to 2012, will cause a polar shift on Earth, you’re guessing. No one knows for sure. Further, let’s not confuse polar shift with the inclination of the Earth on its axis. And if you really want to get behind the Solar Max, Google John Nelson and educate yourself on some amazing astrology and attach to awesome scientific data that speaks in favor of the discipline we all love.

Get ready now. As of August 1st, the universal Dragnet (television reference) is out: Just the Facts.


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