Bad Planets = Bad Astrology

Recently a colleague, who is an avid fan of the dwarf planets, forwarded a link to a widely circulating “article” addressing Sedna. I use the word article loosely as it seems to be an all-out assault on the enigmatic object Sedna. Sedna, of course, is a notable body of the dwarf kind without an appropriate home. It is like a dwarf planet, but not a dwarf planet. It is too far out to be considered part of the Kuiper Belt; it doesn’t really align with the Oort Cloud. However, this lack of a fit, does not justify Sedna bashing.

Nor does the difficult to process, arduous mythology of Sedna. Like Ceres, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Nessus, Ixion and others, the myth tells a tale of convoluted relationships, violent reactions of other players in the myths and more and typically ending up with powerful spiritual insights and appointments. When confronted with one of these tough to integrate myths, astrologers can step back and offer constructive interpretations by examining the zodiacal degrees of the node and perihelion. This way, something can be made of the body until such time as our personal and collective psyches wrap around the complex and shadow-filled mythologies of the new discovery.

Not so with this posted article on Sedna. I’ll not mention the website as it’s really not worth pursuing to see the depths of the blistering raging anti-Sedna rant. The writer, and those of the style of astrology with which the writer aligns, refers to Sedna as Thor’s Hammer – a correlation I was not able to follow. The article states that categorically and without a doubt, everything about Sedna is evil, bad and wrong. The tirade even stated that Sedna is anti-Christ and anti-Christian. Now I recently had a conversation with both the Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness missionaries that often visit my Arizona household. After relating Sedna’s Inuit background and mythic tale and leaving out no sorted detail, none of the missionaries or myself can figure out how Sedan is anti-anything Christian. Unaware of those things, yes. But no where can one locate a discouraging word on the Arctic range about the master Jesus, his followers or resultant religion.

The only word that makes sense for this piece on Sedna is toxic. The arguments make no slack clarity, have no logical references to the myth or derivations there of and no cases or examples to explain the horrid claims exist other than Sedna tanked the economy. They go on to tell you that they have used Sedna and other dwarf planets as economic predictors. But they caution, those who grab money during “favoring” transits from the bad Sedna succumb to its avarice and evils. After all that, they indicate their system can show you how to predict the market and figure the troubled economy and tout their own economic prowess?? In a troubled economy, more than ever, we need consumer alerts. Consider this a consumer alert: Bad Planet consciousness equals Bad Astrology. When your astrologer goes into “bad planet” mode, cover your head with an ephemeris and get the hell out of there. Keep your money in your bank account and make sure the space ship you’re stepping aboard actually has an anti-gravity engine.

Back in the late 1970’s courtesy of Michael Meyer, Dane Rudhyar and a host of other “humanistic” astrologer types, we learned that even Saturn was not a “bad” planet. Perhaps the messages of Saturn are not the most pleasant to integrate into consciousness and difficult to apply to life activity. But if integrated, the favor of the planet shines upon you. Hell, we’ve managed to make something out of Pluto. How did we get from abduction to transformation? Bad boy Ixion reminds us not to blow our second chances. Nessus and Eris work with the collective to overcome addiction to material success and teach us how to shed vanity. Vedic astrologers, though condemned within the past decade by unthinking western astrologers for doing so, understand the principle of propitiation and prayer (yagyas). Render to the planets and the planets react with you in an organic symbiosis. How cool is that?

Sedna despite her difficult tale promises two agendas of consciousness. First, learn to address life’s most basic necessities with clarity and care. Take care of matters of physical survival. She does have a perihelion in Cancer. After the basics get handled, the Leo node kicks in. Appeal to the richness of the heart, the fullness of the spirit and seek companionship that inspires your spirit. What’s so bad about that?

I can’t wait to see what the bad planet sort decide to do with Eris (actually I can wait). The goddess of discord with her moon, Dysnomia, goddess of lawlessness, appear in the horoscopes of events and the occupants of a troubled world to turn about trends gone wrong.

Those scared off by the bad planet associations certainly will not be playing with a full solar system. As well they’ll miss out on some of the goodies of awareness these great new planetary influences can contribute. And of course, all planets figure into the collective economy and offer insight as to how difficult economic times can turn back around; not just the “bad” planets.

Bad planets = bad astrology. Boo to bad planet consciousness. Boo!


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