The Hand of God

No doubt by now someone has forwarded or you have encountered on your own NASA’s sensational photograph dubbed “the Hand of God.”

Released on April 3rd, the x-ray photograph provided by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, depicts the pulsar PSR 1509-48, in Circinus, interacting with a cosmic cloud of gas, RCW 89. For astrological purposes, RCW 89 is located at 3 Sagittarius 47 as of 2000.0. It seems a sensational wave of speculation was started by this photograph, which is spectacular… but it is running a bit amok.

The “Hand” has become a bit of a cosmic Rorschach Test, allowing viewers to locate and imagine with relative ease a hand with three fingers and a thumb in the colorful x-ray view of galactic gas – not too far removed from noticing religious figures in water drips under bridges or in Tater Tots or tortilla chips. While not meaning to trivialize the surge of cosmic inspiration and awe, the “Hand” shoved the “Eye of God” and the “Pillars of Creation” onto the back pages of yesterday’s Internet websites.

While the pulsar complex causing such a stir is reasonably close (17,000 light years, a bit more than half the distance to the Galactic Center) and “one of the most powerful electromagnetic generators in the galaxy,” it is one of more than 700 pulsars, many unusual enough in their own accord to warrant special attention and consideration by astrologers. The effects of the “Hand” system is, at this time, optical/visual. It does not wreak the havoc of Soft Gamma Ray Repeaters, which on a day when their unpredictable emanations reach us, their energy can knock out satellites, cable television and cell phone communication.

Some zealous viewers claim the imagery confirms God and might be the source of God. On the latter point, the truck absolutely must be backed up over the speculation speed bump. This point is not gravitationally significant as is the Galactic Center, the Super-Galactic Center, the Great Attractor and the mind-boggling importance of the Shapely SuperCluster that seems to steer pretty everything in our universal thinking. Objectively, wouldn’t God, as she/he/it were, be central somehow… or is that the contamination of gravitational thinking (intended to be rhetorical)?

On a parallel point, astrologers argue over what planets, “dwarf” or otherwise should be included in horoscopic analysis. These discussions over planets are short sighted at best. We neglect 51 Peg (Pegasus), the first star other than our own to allow astronomers to witness a planet outside our solar system as well as the two hundred plus stars known to control solar systems… and those numbers grow astronomical. Astronomers contend that not only is our Sun average, so are the planets around it when contrasted with the high volume, large mass, short period planets known to be whipping around other stars in Creation.

A lucky guess might figure that anything that can be seen visually or electromagnetically at this point probably is not the brain of God, despite the runaway imagination that we have located God. Still, how wonderful that like ourselves, the rest of humanity gazes at the wonders of the heavens in spell bound awe. Now if we could only get astrologers to consider the fact that such amazing and awe-inspiring “entities” affect us in more ways than visually, we be one huge step closer in consciousness to what out there directs All of This.

The Hand of God, P. Slane et al./SAO/NASA/CXC

The Hand of God, P. Slane et al./SAO/NASA/CXC


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