Bathroom Predictions

Nope, this is not about which rock star or politician will be busted in a bathroom doing whatever Neptune or Pluto things they might be inclined to do. This is about the tendency of persons astrological in nature to retreat to the bathroom when experiencing life frustrations, low blood sugar, a recent credit card rejection or possession by a grey alien and commence a scanning of an ephemeris to locate transits ahead. Not any transits, mind you; tough, hard, difficult, “malefic” transits.

According to the posts on forums out there, the BP tendency has run amok. No longer are star-gazing afficionados content with the Mayan Calendar’s expiration, now we have horrific comments posted about the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square patterning, which at one point includes amplification by Jupiter to Uranus. The doom and gloom forecasting explodes. No longer are people content with projecting certain catastrophe to occur in their own lives, they have to go global. I’m not even going to mention the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment of 2020 all square the goddess of discord, Eris.

Agreed, this is not a new phenomena. Like many astrologers, when I first got into astrology, I did this with my own chart. When I studied commercial aviation accidents I was proud of my ability to forecast windows in which air crashes would occur. My predictions prevented not one catastrophe and ultimately, brought me no more clients or acclaim.

The phenomenon is understandable. The world has come off eight years of U. S. political leaders telling the world to be hyper-vigilant, paranoid and fearful. Oil supplies dwindle. The ice caps melt. Breeding frenzies have likely exceeded the world’s ability to support the population. The Mayan Calendar will end and Planet X is coming to get us for the umpteenth time. Okay, delete the last two. The negative predictions and bad astronomy certainly result from those channeling the imposting interfering thoughts of meddling grey aliens, not a spirit guide.

We must head this off. Astrology, according to my recent observations, when writing in large, public forums, is not favored by the majority of the people of the world. We are seen as ignorant, superstitious con artists seeking to rip off the ill-informed. To correct this perception, astrologers can do several things, staring with not insisting on impressing the public with the massive amounts of doom that can be whipped up in a bathroom prediction session.

What if astrologers study astronomy and keep up with scientific and astrophysical discoveries? Just because an astrologer remains unaware of a body, it does not mean it has no impact. Without knowing what’s out there and what’s going on, it appears that astrologers do choose to live in the dark ages and shun knowledge.

Realize that prediction, without a course of action to correct negative prophecies, offers no to little good. Unless consulting with frequent flyers or airlines, does your air crash prediction help. And for those of you insistent upon declaring harm to any world leader based upon transits, maybe step back to see if you’re only fueling the fires of hatred, bigotry and fear by doing so.

Learn to filter the garbage out there. There is a wonderful link on a Polar Shift website that details how to speak psuedo-science and make it seem like science. One fact can be taken and horribly skewed. It is true that we may be part of a binary star system, engaged with a yet unknown stellar gravitational buddy. This does not make the Pleiades the Galactic Center. Oh by the way, Shapley 8 is not the Great Attractor; it is a supercluster beyond and most likely steering the Great Attractor, which influences the motion of the local group which controls the direction of our galaxy.

Consider the rash of recent false prophecies and give them a good itching. The Photon Belt (which some Internet sources allege to be a complete hoax) never came to pass. Y2K only sold a heap of questionably effective shareware. And how about that Planet X? It is now on a 2012 catastrophic course after standing us up on at least a half dozen predicted dates (No. It is not.).

Maybe it’s time to review our place in the world. It is true there will be personal difficulties, accidents and things that no astrologer may be able to predict with complete accuracy. Our job is to alert people to real probabilities and not hysterical projections. For instance, at a UAC conference I was approached by someone who insisted that I agree with his interpretation that the Cassini space craft was going to malfunction early in launch and shower the Earth with radioactivity that would annihilate many. Having studied more than 700 space launches since the days of the V-2 rockets, it was evident this would be a successful launch. However, an astrologer with an anti-nuclear spacecraft propellant agenda, created a stir of inaccurate proportions.

Seems that our job of pointing out the forks in the road and when they are more likely to occur has been lost. Affirming hard-core negative predictions dismisses option-oriented reality. Last evening two movies of which I caught snippets proclaimed: “death cannot be defied” and “you cannot cheat karma.” Most likely both are true despite our knowledge of astrology. But no where in the credo does it suggest we should forecast negativity.

I suggest going for a psychic cleanse in a meteor shower or perhaps soaking up the insights of the “see the core of the matter” x-rays and accelerated consciousness bursts of gamma rays recently reported to be reaching us from points in Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and no doubt every other sign. As Saturn in Virgo demands, if there was ever a time for optimistic and realistic — forecasts of probability, it is now.

I predict the more astrologers who use the dwarf planet attributes to shift consciousness and include the influence of galactic emanations, the more inspiration and evolutionary astrology becomes. Before you know it, I forecast, the collective will understand that to make the Mayan Calendar correct, we must all develop our core consciousness and hone our intuitive skill set that allows us to quickly discern what does not smell quite right.

In the next blog… why dwarf planets might be more influential than the gaseous giants.


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