Will There Be Sex in the Aquarian Age?

Admittedly, two parts of this blog’s title intend to create metatags of huge audience attention potential. But those same two parts, sex and the Aquarian Age, certainly deserve a level of scrutiny, especially given the way that people at large now treat the current planetary trends in Aquarius. Of late, I’ve been sent a heap of e-mails and blogs touting that the Age of Aquarius begins with the upcoming alignment of the Moon’s Node-Mars-Jupiter, especially when the Moon is in the 7th house. Ah, no. The Age of Aquarius has to do with the precession of the equinox, not a planetary pattern melded with the nodes and certainly not a pattern that recurs at a rate far shorter than an “age.”

It’s an amazing thing these electronic days. Despite recent hacking attacks, identity theft vulnerability, new genres of repetitive motion stress and the reduction of intelligence, the popularity of electronic communication devices continues to increase and online social cliques flourish. Society is reducing the eloquence of language and its comprehension to truncated phrases, word segments instead of sentences, abbreviations, icons and avatars – and not the kind of avatar that saves humankind. Perhaps this is Neptune in Aquarius. We electronically express ourselves in the interest of establishing a sense of uniqueness, individuality and unbelievable cool.

But consider the other side of this signature. Neptune’s reputation for reflection spawns narcissism. Why else do people think an SMS sent to all their mobile “fans” about the taste of the pickle on their lunch sandwich is fascinating? Or the adorability of the newborn’s latest discovery? What about Neptune’s ability to sabotage? You can post damaging commentary about a BFF who wronged you with a WTF. You can slander a former lover and you can even break up with that former lover electronically in a few characters, prior to your electronic slam.

Perhaps Jupiter’s track through Aquarius can sort this downward spiral of society by rendering a series of philosophically noteworthy realizations:

  • Texting, IM-ing and SMS posting are miniaturized forms of writing. They are not the same thing as verbal communication.
  • Becoming more verbose with a reduction of text characters increases the probability of missed communication and misunderstanding by exponential proportion.
  • Electronic interaction does not permit the detection and perception of pheromones.
  • You can’t have real sex while using both hands on a gadget.
  • The electronic effort to become more connected and interactive in a cruel stroke of irony reduces intimacy.
  • As cosmic folks, we might want to realize that one’s “vibes,” ultra-cool energy emanations, chakra spin and perfectly aligned kundalini weaves do not ride the carrier wave of electronic gadgets.

The Internet came into existence in the early 1990’s. I could not track down Al Gore for the exact date, but it’s noteworthy that the clan of the centaurs in our solar system increased in discovery frequency starting in1992. Centaurs, with a few exceptions, were the cousins you didn’t want showing up at the wedding or family picnic. They were going to get drunk, hit on everyone and mess up the frivolity. More to the transformational front, centaurs are sensualists, meaning they rely upon all the physical senses for perception, decision-making and interaction. Their strongest sense is smell and the olfactory sense could actually cause a centaur to lose all sensibility. We can’t have that now, can we? A repressive moral culture hell bent on diminishing human evils might favor the impersonal electronic interaction system. It’s certainly safer being intimate at a distance and with only virtual proximity. Isn’t it deliciously ironic that the beasts of sensuality appeared with the rise and popularity of the Internet, e-mails and IM’s? Getting down and with the senses is the antidote, or so would seem the synchronicity of centaurian discovery with the Internet’s initial surge.

In 2003, the first incarnation of Facebook appeared. It became its current version in 2004. Also in 2003, MySpace appeared. In 2003, the unusual body Sedna, and the dwarf planets Haumea and Eris came to our attention. Eris, the goddess of discord, walks on one huge Achilles heel. She hates being snubbed and excluded from anything, even those place and events that she would not naturally choose to go. She prays “Please, Zeus, let me be included! Please!” Ta-Da! So we now have the online interactive clubs in which anyone can be a friend, and the more friends you have, the cooler you are. It doesn’t matter if you ever speak to one of these people or even meet – they’re friends. How perfectly Aquarian. The planet Haumea possesses two official moons and also travels with a group of seven large ice chunks knocked from her body during a space collision eons ago. Enter entourage consciousness, traveling in packs and the group mind set; no doubt a less intimate group setting than the free love culture of the 1960s and 1970s. No matter, dude. You have to have your clan, your inner circle, your friends and family plan and SMS pack.

Maybe this is all a reaction to Makemake, discovered in 2005. Hailing from Rapa Nui, Makemake is well aware of the critical balance of natural resources contrasted with population. How many people can we put on a planet of dwindling resource? When Saturn and Makemake align this next September, expect more along the lines of this theme popping up world wide.

Then again, perhaps the techno advances of the Age of Aquarius can come up with a way for people to remain intimately connected and not over populate the world. There’s a concept worth exploring. You reckon Eris wants to be included in that?


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