2012: Venerate Venus

UPDATE JANUARY 24: After writing “Venerate Venus” I took today to visit the Kitt Peak Observatory complex about 60 miles southwest of Tucson. And wouldn’t you know it? With Venus on my mind, a docent had a scope set up to view Venus, now in a beautiful cresent phase. Better yet, with her great angular distance from the Sun I was able to see her in all her glory with the naked eye at 2:52 in the afternoon. You can do it, too. Venus is presently available for viewing in the light of midday and worth more than a quick gander.

While many contend the major clocking of 2012 is the “end” of the Venus savvy Mayan Calendar in December, a potent alignment involving Venus could be given equal due. On June 6, 2012, as it did on June 8, 2004, Venus makes a direct alignment between the Earth and Sun. This rare event occurs in patterns of 121.5 years, 8 years, 101.5 years and finishes off with an 8-year interval. This current eight year patterning follows the 121.5 year absence of the alignments. If Venus were larger, this would be called and occultation or perhaps an eclipse. Because of her relative size, technically this direct alignment is known as a transit, or the crossing of the solar disk.

The previous “transits” of 1874 and 1882 initiated some clear social effects that pertain to Venus. The women’s suffrage movements began in New Zealand and in the United States, suffrage matters and the Temperance Movement occupied our social concerns. Though sparked under these Venus alignments, it took decades to close the deal of suffrage in the United States.

Optimistically I expected clear results from the Venus transit of 2004. I thought it would have been a good year for the rise of women in global politics, work force reform, economic resolution and anything else you can think of that refers to factors ruled by Venus. Actually, I was disappointed in obvious results. Now, more than half way between the short count of the Venus transit pattern, perhaps it is time for review. With the global economic chaos at hand, perhaps events occurring in 2004 triggered the current meltdown. As I review that time frame, I am biased by events in the United States and conducted by our government and am unclear of the global manifestations of this pattern.

An interesting quality of the Venus transit is that it can be clearly seen with proper visual aids and/or instrumentation during one of the times in Venus’ track around the Sun when she is obscured by solar brightness. If one foolhardy enough stares at the Sun to see Venus, eye damage likely results as some historians previously speculated had happened to Galileo (thus the current interest in exhuming his body to examine his eyes). So, in this time of Venus’ invisibility, she has a short burst of visibility, but not to the evidence of the naked eye. Liberally borrowing from classical concepts of the conscious attachment to those things visible and not so much to things that cannot be seen, perhaps the hardline lack of evidence of the Venus effect during the last transit makes sense. I’m sure with an adequate Google of the June 2004 time line, many events can be found that support the signatures of Venus. But I’m thinking not enough clear evidence exists of a Venus reform agenda last time around. Truly, the “benefic” planet has a physically hostile nature: extreme temperature, crushing gravitational pressure, inhospitable atmosphere and a corrosive nature, but she symbolizes something promising, shiny and bright per the glow her gaseous greenhouse atmosphere causes.

This leads me back to the Mayan Calendar thing going on. Many act as if the prophecies of the Calendar signal the end – as in termination and extinction – of the world. Others seem to believe that on one day, consciousness at large is amok; the next day it’s all better. Perhaps a more solid approach would be one of using all major pattens between now and then to build a series of steps of “getting it,” meaning grasping the illuminated state optimistically forecast. Let’s add as a consideration, consciously getting it regarding the prophecies. Many Mayan interpretation sources indicate a promise of global flooding. Given Venus and her Greenhouse nature and her symbolic, coincidental timing in 2012, perhaps the matter of global warming and polar ice cap melting is the issue back here on Earth. If that’s the case, perhaps the suggestion to place explosive devices under volcanos so that their smoke surrounds the Earth and cools us off for a few years is a good one – er, or maybe not. Then again, maybe severe regulation of those effects that seek to turn us into a Venus greenhouse rival, need immediate legislative attention and application. Isn’t it about awareness, conscious attention, and intentional decisions to avert catastrophes?

Actually the timing of the next Venus transit concerns me a bit. It’s really too close to the “expiration” of the calendar in question for comfort. If we venerate Venus and put women in positions of global power, restore the matriarchy, and reform the economy only at that late date, does that leave enough time to undo problems? We must venerate Venus in all of her possible manifestations. And given the critical nature of prophetic timing, we probably need to cook up some new topics that are of Venus or quasi-Venus and cook them up fast. Similarly, we need to get on with it fast. What if we use this 60 percent point in between Venus transits to pound the pampas grass of persuasion and shake the trees of knowledge?

Last June we had a superior conjunction of Venus, which was also an occultation (Venus on the other side of the Sun and blocked from visibility) at about the time that Hillary Clinton fell out of the U. S. Presidential race. In January of 2010 and in August of 2011 we’ll also have superior conjunctions of Venus (non-occulting). The next Venus alignment remains a year distant. Can’t we venerate Venus sooner? How about now? Recently Venus stood at her greatest angular distance from the Sun, permitting longer visibility and more evening time for veneration. Perhaps we should borrow a page from the Vedic practitioners. Propitiation is grand. We as watchers of the sky claim the ability to guide humanity toward ideal outcomes, yes? I say venerate Venus and propitiate to all potent planetary alignments, especially involving the lesser known highly transformational in nature dwarf planets. Oh yeah, and then get involved in creating real and practical world transforming actions.

After 2012, the next Venus transits occur on December 11, 2117 and December 8, 2125. Think we’ll still be around? Vegas odds say we’ll still be here, and with or without veneration to Vega, but only if Venus receives her due.


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