20Y2K12 and Astrology’s Reputation

I just have to write a post today and forgive me if it’s a bit on the edgy side. Pluto stands 16 minutes short of the first of three conjunctions to my natal Mars and my astrological/astronomical sensibilities have been locked and loaded by the rash of 2012 prophecies saturating cyberspace.

In honor of Mercury’s impending retrograde, allow me to back up first. Last fall I had the pleasure of writing a blog regarding election polling and the upcoming U. S. Presidential Election for the Huffington Post. My posts appeared under a subcategory entitled Huffpollstrology. But when I started writing for HuffPo, the first post was placed in the column with the standard array of mainstream bloggers. Oh my! I discovered that despite the stats about the general public loving to read sun sign columns, approximately 80% of the comments received about my first post were hostile, hateful and ignorant of the topic they condemned, which in the realm of blogging has nothing to do with anything. The ridicule came in from the obvious religious quarters, those who despise superstition and well educated and/or intelligent folks who condemned the idiocy of those who put credence into astrology. The spiteful comments continued through the tenure of my columns leading up to the election, despite the impeccable accuracy of the content. “Jeez Louise,” thought I, “Us astrologer folks better not say anythin’ silly lest we fuel the fires of speculation about our sensibilities.”

Evidently 2009 is the time cusp for increasing posts on the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world and all the psychic terrorism that goes with it. Back in the days pre Y2K I wrote a column for the Sci-Fi Channel’s website in which I had carte blanche in pooh-poohing the absurdity of the Y2K speculations. Despite the efforts to calm the psychic seas of life, fear and hysteria spread but not to extent we observe with the rampant speculations about the significance of the end of the Mayan Calendar. The suicides have already started… and not counting those related to the Madoff scandal.

People turn to astrologers in times like these. Last week a colleague sent me a chart from 1962 with the heap of planets aligned in Aquarius. I lived it and remembered it well. I was a terrified twelve-year-old shaking as I heard that astrologers said the gravitational pull of the planets would split the Earth in half, or so the media reported, was a lot to bear. In the past days, I’ve posted on forums opposing the view that Comet Holmes is the Blue Star of the Blue Star Kachina prophecy in which an article attempts to tie this long-standing prophecy to a comet. Back tracking the logic, Comet Holmes is a yellowish object that enjoyed a strange sort of expansion during the culmination of its last apparition. It appeared blue because of filters applied for better viewing. And Comet Holmes has been coming to town every 6.9 years since we became aware of it in 1892 and there’s that comet is not a star thing and ancient watchers could discern such a distinction. My best guess for this prophecy is the once in eternity extremely rare explosion of a blue super-giant star that became the supernova, SN1987A. Yes, some Hopi elders have sanctioned Comet Holmes as the stellar sign of the Blue Star Prophecy and there is a seven year healing/purification cycle in the prophecy, but then again the U. S. Congress in the U.S. bought faulty intelligence and started a war.

Now Planet X-Nibiru people have this possible brown dwarf/comet storm/TNO that’s 33 light years away in the Kuiper Belt coming to get us in 2012 after if failed to meet up with predictions of cataclysm for 1999, 2001, 2003 ad nauseam. The flawed astronomy of these fear-mongering speculations do not deserve attention, but one staggeringly inane point I read claimed that something thirty-three light years away would get us within a decade. That would mean the object would defy all known laws of physics and fly through space faster than the speed of light.

Regardless, we astrologers must ward off Planet X predictions that eject from websites around the world. And we must ward off EOTW (end of the world) speculations rendered by Mayan Calendar interpreters and the attempted weave between Planet X and the Mayan Calendar. This inconvenient responsibility appears when we in astrology desperately seek to put letters that designate professional acumen and certification after our names of which the lay public possesses no interpretive or decoding ability.

Years ago I decoded the Mayan Calendar thing while drinking tequila in a Chinese restaurant. While pondering the twelve year Chinese zodiacal cycle, it occurred to me when the Mayan Calendar expires, like any calendar it rolls over and the next era begins. The day after the Mayan Calendar ends will be a day just as fine as the day before. If I’m wrong, tequila shots are on me in the after life. It could be that the Mayans ran out of stone, you know, thus the stopping point. Oh and this thing about the Galactic Alignment correlating with the Mayan Calendar… wasn’t that in 1999 or does that require revisiting with the recent size/motion adjustments that came out about our galaxy recently?

Seems to me, if we expect to be taken seriously and credibly, we must actively stave off the inaccurate prediction phenomena inspired by those who failed to get a turn spinning scary yarns around the fire at summer camp. We must understand astronomy and astrology, weaving the two back into a harmonious helix of cooperation. We must interrupt the nonsense speculations and reset people back to critical thinking and intelligent assessment of the cosmic variables we so readily perceive. We must avert the crisis of erroneous speculations regarding 20Y2K12. Join the cause now. Hurry! Time is running out. Only four more years to print bumper stickers and shift the consciousness of fearful negativity before the Mayan Calendar concludes.

If you enjoy these cosmic blogs, remember to check back frequently. There will be more. And when done here, please visit my website and sign up for the Galactic Times where you’ll receive free e-zine posts of current trends, galactic events and all the latest in solar system discoveries. Please visit my “about” page for the website URL.

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12 Responses to 20Y2K12 and Astrology’s Reputation

  1. Hello Philip. It was my “pleasure” to read your weekly article on Huffington Post regarding the upcoming November 4th, 2008 elections. Thank you.

  2. […] I was pleased to see a really great article titled 20Y2K12 and Astrology’s Reputation by Philip Sedgwick in which he urged astrologers to stop feeding into the hysteria surrounding […]

  3. matrixhill says:

    Hi Philip, couldn’t agree with you more. A lot of people need, it seems to me, something to be freaked out about.
    Lynda Hill

    • matrixpsedgwick says:

      So true. And the point is to shift consciousness along the way without waiting for the sky to part in 2012 or the world to end.

  4. adri says:

    Amazing, thank you.

  5. Hello Philip! Good to see you up to your amazing research and wit. I had another client the other day asking about the Mayan Calendar termination date with fear and trepidation in her eyes, and she wondered what I thought. I told her I couldn’t wait for it to come, that I was so excited. “Why? she said. “What’s happening.” I replied, “The next day will finally come and I will finally have these questions stop? It’s just the beginning of one culture’s measurement of time, darn it. We don’t freak out when Dec 31st arrives, we party, and set new year’s resolutions. So set your own soul’s 5000 year resolution…and stop living in fear! LOL

    The Return of the Magi documentary just got picked up by Netflix. So please let others know it is available for debunking the skeptics and opening a window into the world of astrology. Later!

    Kelly Lee Phipps

    • matrixpsedgwick says:

      Hey KLP, It will be so great when the comments cease. Congrats on the Doc, looking forward to the next.

  6. […] I was pleased to see a really great article titled 20Y2K12 and Astrology’s Reputation by Philip Sedgwick in which he urged astrologers to stop feeding into the hysteria surrounding […]

  7. In the most literal sense, December 21 2012 is simply the end of the Mayan calendar. A new 5125 cycle begins and the calendar continues forward. However, why would the Maya have chosen such an enormous number of years, for just a simple calendar? Ah, that is the heart of the mystery. In my opinion, there must have been a reason of supreme importance, otherwise they would not have made such a big deal about it. This is an event that happens only about every 5 millenia! Let’s all keep an open mind and wait for the truth to be revealed…and it will.

  8. Dear Phillip,
    I have,from when I first heard about the December twenty-first date for 2012, noted then and now it’s at the start of the Winter Solstice, which my understanding is that this Solstice is about the time of rest for the Earth although, that wouldn’t apply to places below the Equator and what would the Mayans know about Solstices anyway?
    I guess I’ve answered my own question it means nothing. But I’m sending this anyway.

  9. Yolanda says:

    Hi Philip,
    I agree with you in everything . People get bent out of shape and believe almost everything the media prints instead of getting educated and do research to find the truth and not take things at face value . If not sure look it and read things are not as they seem , well that you going do research on Blue Star Kachina had not heard that one I find this info so enlightening and education especially about all the different prophecies .

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